Teresa's interview by Carol The Coach on Blog Talk Radio

Carol the Coach Interviewed Teresa Maples on March 3, 2014 about Partners of Cheaters. If you are interested click on the link and you can listen to the interview in it's entirety. Teresa talked about her up coming webinar and how she can help women who want healing after being betrayed by their partners. Many partners feel like they are going crazy and the cheater often wants you to believe you are the problem and reason they cheated.

This is simply hogwash and manipulation on the cheaters part. Partners have typical symptoms to the betrayal which resemble post-traumatic stress disorder. The same problem that war vets come home with after serving a term on the front lines of war. You have been through a trauma. In the Interview Teresa talks about some ways you can calm yourself and treat the symptoms. One example is to do deep breathing to calm your body. Once you calm your body down it is easier to think and you will feel less overwhelmed. If you want more tips, sign up for my free webinar on Monday March 10, seats are limited