Seattle EMDR Trauma Treatment for Individuals, and Group Counseling

EMDR Trauma Treatment offers help for the Hurting!

Freedom from painful maladaptive behaviors that you swore repeatedly to stop – behaviors including self-harm, sexual addiction, disordered eating, substance misuse and abuse, and consistently avoiding confrontation.

Freedom from painful current or past emotional hurts.

Relational problems can be resolved with help.

With EMDR trauma treatment, your memory becomes clearer and more understandable. You will know yourself better than ever before. You will learn compassion for yourself and others from the inside out.

No matter what kind of trauma you have experienced, EMDR trauma treatment will change your brain.

No more having to pretend to believe positive affirmations, you can experience the affirmations in your body. Your brokenness can be healed with the right treatment.

Join others who have successfully sustained healing with  EMDR Trauma Treatment. Hope and Healing CAN happen for you too.

Whether you have been hurt by your partner’s betrayal or by your own sexual acting out, or childhood traumas, Woodland Pathways Counseling and Trauma Services uses safe, research-proven methods to encourage growth and healing. Teresa has been trained in Attachment-Focused EMDR through the Parnell Institute and is able to work with many different traumas including Complex PTSD to resolution and relief of symptoms

As her client, you’ll discover that Teresa Maples Zuvela’s office is a safe place for you to relax, find a refuge from the pain, and heal from any kind of trauma.

You can count on Teresa’s skills in cognitive behavioral therapy (talk therapy), art therapy, dance therapy and EMDR to help you process your old traumas and to help you develop the skills you need to move forward with your life without the pain of the past.

Listen to this Blog Talk Radio Show. Teresa was interviewed by Carol the Coach who is also a sex addiction therapist.

Listen to internet radio with Sex Help with Carol the Coach on Blog Talk Radio


Teresa Maples is an EMDR therapist who helps people overcome trauma.Teresa is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in working with women who have experienced betrayal in intimate relationships. She utilizes individual and group sessions to help women heal from relational hurts. Teresa has Two Office locations One in beautiful downtown Tacoma, Washington….. Read More