Men and Sex Addiction

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I know you feel the need to unload all the lies and relieve yourself of the deception. You have held onto your secrets for decades, and they have haunted you forever.

You have led a dual life. You were a respectable man who others liked, and you wanted to be him, but you knew the truth about yourself.

You knew you had this secret other life filled with pornography, strip clubs, and fantasies that you’d never tell your wife about. But, to be honest, you thought it would get better after you were married, and then you thought it would get better after you had kids¦, and when things were less stressful at work, at certain points, you tried to tell yourself it was no big deal.

You told yourself your hidden behavior didn’t impact your life or your marriage, but why did you feel so terrible afterward and why did you keep lying about it?

It was like your brain was buzzing, so this was the only thing you could think about, no matter how much you tried to push it out of your mind. And then, afterward, you felt so much shame that you wondered how anyone could really love you if they knew the truth about what you did in secret.

After your wife caught you the first time, you were sure that would be the end of it. You told her it would be. And it was for a little while. But no matter how long you “held out,” your wife never seemed to start trusting you again. It started to feel like a losing battle.

You need and deserve support for the truly hard work you are doing to change such a big, secret part of your life.

I can show you the steps to walk down this path

I have specific programs that aim to restore trust in your relationship more quickly. The first step is now. Take a chance, make a choice just for you, and show yourself that you are serious about change.

Take a chance and learn about how you can finally start taking your power back and rebuilding your relationship with your wife.  Fill out the form below to learn more about this life-transforming opportunity, which includes individual and/or group Counseling in Georgia and Washington State.

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