Attachment Focused EMDR Therapy Service

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For many clients, EMDR therapy services are the best support for healing from childhood and adult traumas. Treatment is helpful for clients dealing with emotional, physical or sexual abuse, including emotional neglect as well as natural disasters.

Below you’ll find a discussion about the two kinds of EMDR  therapy services I offer.


To begin, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing or EMDR is used to help remove/process trauma from the body. It is effective at decreasing the distress level from single event traumatic events like a car accident, fear of flying, or combat trauma.

It is also very helpful for miscarriage, rape, sexual assault or other accident scenarios that left you feeling afraid of the situation reoccurring.

EMDR therapy works like REM sleep. It processes memories, resulting in a decrease in emotional intensity. What you’re left with is the memory, but without the emotional triggers of sadness, panic or fear to name a few.

It’s important to know that this treatment is evidence-based and approved by the military to treat PTSD.

Attachment-Focused EMDR Therapy

Attachment-focused EMDR therapy (AF-EMDR) is for people with more complex traumatic events. Often, these situations occur in childhood or long-term relationships. The trauma may include abuse or emotional neglect a child receives over a while.

AF-EMDR is also used for current issues, including Chronic Pain, Betrayal, Grief and Loss, Aging Issues, Relational Trauma, Betrayal, and others. Adults who are experiencing current distress can heal from this early attachment trauma and current stressors with AF-EMDR.

AF-EMDR is also used to help heal issues that are prolonged in nature, including chronic pain, betrayal, grief and loss, aging challenges, and relational trauma.

Both EMDR and AF-EMDR are incredibly helpful for healing and allow you to rework feelings/stories associated with your trauma without the use of traditional talk therapy. Some talk therapy is often included, but other supportive techniques lead the way.

Attachment wounds from the past CAN be HEALED and MENDED.

Call or email Teresa to discover how you can heal with EMDR and or AF-EMDR.

Teresa Zuvela MS, LMHC, CSAT, is a Certified EMDR and Attachment-Focused EMDR therapist.