Settling or Sparks? What Will You Choose?



Long term relationships can thrive with intentionality, respect, emotional safety and novelty. Have you settled for a companion state in your relationship? A companion state is when you exist in the same home but have very little time together emotionally, and it is not very satisfying for either of you. For example, let's take the stereotypical man watching football, while his wife is cleaning the house. She resents that he gets to relax while she is slaving to keep the home clean. This leads to her complaining about him watching football and not helping around the house. He gets mad and resentful towards her and they either fight and bicker or go to separate places in the home to get away from each other. Does this sound familiar?

Women, do your girlfriends complain about their husbands? Men, do your guy friends report that their wives complain at them too? Men do you wonder why your wife doesn't want sex as often as in the past? This scenario is all too familiar for many couples. 3 Ways You Can Foster Sparks In Your Long Term Relationship.