Patraeus Sex Scandal; Why Are Affairs So Common?

petraeusCharacter flaw or mistake? How to make sense of affairsCIA director, General David Petraeus, is one more name in a long line of people who have been caught cheating in recent years. These same men are cheating with women who are cheaters too. So what is it that people who cheat are after? How could these successful and intelligent people risk their marriage, reputation and careers? There are so many questions and a multitude of opinions. Being a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist PETRAEUS , I am not surprised by this latest sex scandal with the 4Star General and CIA Director. Ask any marriage counselor you know, they keep their schedules full with couples who are trying to make sense of an affair or a sex addiction. As long as people are having affairs, saddly I and other Therapists will have a stable source of income.  Read more