Mindy Mcready Suicide, Ways You Can Help Others



Ways you can help a loved one when they are feeling suicidal

Tragedy strikes and we wonder what happened. How can a talented country singer with two small children take her own life? In the aftermath of Mindy Mcready's apparent suicide, many close friends, family members and fans are all asking the same question, Why?  We can never know for sure why she did it. A better question may be how can we help those who are in despair? How can we prevent others from committing suicide? First let's try to understand what may be happening for people who attempt or commit suicide and look at ways you can help. 1. Feeling isolated and alone can be remedied by hanging out with people. Mindy's boyfriend had died by apparent suicide in the same home in which she was living. Her children had been taken into foster care for their safety. She has home alone where a horrendous trauma had occurred one month prior. Anytime someone is isolated, their thinking can become irrational which may lead to acting on the irrational thinking..  People need one another for support.   Read More...