Infidelity, What Do I Need To Know?

  surviving-infidelity1 This question is often asked of me, What are the things I need to know if I suspect infidelity in my relationship? Most people are wanting more intimacy in their relationship, others are wanting to know so they can drop the relationship and move on. I've included several articles that will give you information about some next steps to consider. What's Good Husband Material? Think He's Cheating? Here Is What To Do Emotionally Opening Up In Relationships 10 Love Tools For Romance & Mutual Couple Satisfaction Another Great resource is Wired for Love by Stan Tatkin it is an excellent book for couples wanting a mutually satisfying relationship. I also highly recommend getting into couples counseling, if the cheater refuses to go with you then consider doing individual counseling for yourself. Counselors are trained to listen to you and help you attain your goals. Counselors are also bound by confidentiality laws so they don't share any information with others about you. You can follow my blog at and sign up for my newsletter. Follow me on twitter