6 Ways To Care For Yourself After Wondering, "Is He Cheating"



What to consider if your think he is cheating. If you are asking yourself, is he cheating? You probably know something is off in your relationship. Learning to trust yourself and what you know to be true is the key to your self-esteem. Often women will accept the cheaters cover up and lies, questioning their own reality. It is a brave question to ask, Is he cheating? It means you are beginning to question what he says and what you know to be true of his behavior and attitude towards you. Facing the reality of your relationship is a difficult place to be, it requires the very real loss of your idea of the relationship. On the positive side, it also can help you see your relationship realistically. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Asking the question is he cheating, can help you to define what is really going on in the relationship. It also gives you an opportunity to decide what you want to do for your self-esteem. Life and relationships are messy. The following 6 steps can help you to grow emotionally whether or not he is cheating. Read More